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The Project

And let there be both sarcasm and cynicism on a nerve basis... and those who don't understand what does that means in current, present, hard times of flourishing "tollerance and equality" .... should learn how to play - Poker.

If You would start Your project, important one, which factors would You count as primary ones?
Let's think about the essence of existance.
What is necessary for the total regime ( you choose any ) denial, rejection and resistance?

Speaking of health.. Spiritual, physicall, mental.. doesn't matter. No health, no joy.
Everything is throttled and broken than and that's why it is primary.
No health == No Good Sex! ( ALARM! )
This part is the core part. The Spooky Corporation name refers to yet, unborn musical band. For now, there are only few stories or figments. Instrumentals, all of them.
Marijuana - Legalization
What else is still actually required and left unwritten about that innocent plant, anyway....? It should be legalized if you ask every normal human being. We are part of nature, and Cannabis is nothing else but some sort of more superior plant.

There You are.

When You have health, Your engine is operational. Your body, Your state of thoughts. When You add music to that, You add Your self some inspiration and plus on creativity. And when You add herbs.. + music + health.. You can guess. No global conspiracy machine can force You to dump Your absolute task and conclusion.

This automatically means that You are becoming uncontrollable.
Such a state of mind and a being, easily puts fear in those who tend to control.

Simple as that.
At least, in written form. :p